Colour meets Science meets Art

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64 – art project

In situ the University of Antwerp Belgium, campus Drie Eiken (Three Oaks), reside the almost complete Faculty of Medicine and parts of the Faculty of pharmaceutical, veterinary and biomedical Sciences and the Faculty of science. For the exposition Kunst op de Campus* I wanted to make a work that would be related to biology, the human brain and science. I thought of developing the base structure of the work on the mathematics of the DNA, and observe what could come out of it.

The result is 64, a DNA-colour game and a colour representation of 20 amino acids. A thorough text of the preliminary study and the possibilities of 64 can be found here. (dutch only)

The DNA-colour game In the version of the game the artwork is formed by the players. When the game is over, the artwork is a fact. Each time the game is played a new version evolves.

Amino acids in colour Amino acids are building blocks for proteins and polypeptides. Proteins are made out of 20 different ‘building blocks’ called the ’20 amino acids’. By translating the acid code into colour, colour strings can be formed which image the amino acids. These amino acid strings can also be made by the blocks in the game. The colour strings were applied to the step garden of the Campus.

Material: Acryl on epoxy multyplex plates.

* Organised from 06/05 till 30/06 2011 by The Art Counsil ‘Art on the Campus UA’ and In Situ³, KASKA.


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