ID-sculpture on Day of Science

Day of Science 2014

On the Belgian Day of Science November 2014, the general public was given the opportunity to meet the subject of Inez Michiels’ research into the relationship between personality, shape and colour preference. This was done by means of an interactive performance ‘ID-sculpture’ and a reading ‘Design of happiness’.

ID-Sculpture – interactive performance

Participants in this science-artistic sculptural experiment started with a colour-test developed by the artist / researcher. This led to a unique sculpture, a formatted reflection of their individual personality and state of mind.

Vormgeving en geluk – lezing

One of the most important motivations of man is his pursuit of happiness. Therefore, advertisers want to connect their product or service to this feeling. But how can this be accomplished, when happiness is understood and filled in by each of us individually? Yet there are similarities in our individual notion of happiness.
This lecture demonstrated how these deep and universal emotions are generated, with visual means such as colour tones, colour combinations, shapes and metaphors. In short, the listener gained insight into the emotional message of happiness, conveyed unconsciously through the visual communication that surrounds us today in all areas.

Press conference

During the press conference of the Day of Science at Technopolis, Flemish Minister Muyters was introduced to ID Sculpture, The project was selected out of about 500 science projects from Flanders and Brussels to be presented during the press conference together with five other projects.

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