CITY OF 8 presents KHNUM on Science Day 2017

CITY OF 8 presents KHNUM, an online semantic database for designers and artists from all disciplines.

The goal of the project is to assist creatives in their design choices by providing scientifically based connections between colours, shapes, textures, symbols, etc. in order to communicate meaning, emotion and psychological effects of expressive language.

How to arouse or avoid emotions with your design, like happiness, agitation or satisfaction? Which parameters of the visual arsenal help in the communication of emotions? What is the connection with intuition? Or do you want to check the underlying meaning of your logo, graphic design, product, architecture or artwork and what emotions it radiates?

Be inspired by KHNUM, the pioneering semantic database, unique in the world, which is first demonstrated on Science Day 2017.

Dam 2
8500 Kortrijk
Sunday 26/11/17 van 10:00 tot 17:00


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