Color Test on AIC Lisboa interim meeting 2018

Inez Michiels of CITY OF 8 was present at the AIC Lisboa Interim Meeting, September 2018, with a poster presentation on the research and development of a simple and playful color test, which could provide rapid insight into the design preferences of customers.

download poster
download poster

The color test gives instant information regarding a persons mayor personality traits, and in extension about personal design needs and preferences. This means a great step forward for product designers, interior architects, fashion designers etc. who till today had to find out their customer’s personal needs and preferences through time-consuming conversations, mood boards or home visits. With the present color test, these insights are gained within 3 minutes and with more chance of success, saving a lot of valuable time.

It is without saying that the design of a room or workspace can have a strong effect on mood and work performance of individuals, having a direct influence on wellbeing.  Research shows that highly extrovert people crave bright colors and noisy environments, and introverts might prefer ‘calm’ colors. Also, people who tend to be emotionally unstable, prefer environments that give them a feeling of security. On the other hand, emotionally stable individuals are more satisfied with complex and daring environments. Additionally, people who have an agreeable and conscientious character might prefer traditional design, while those who tend to be less cooperative show to be novelty seeking.

CITY OF 8 color test

Try it out yourself and discover the many benefits of the demo of this innovative design tool.

Download full paper Indications for a Valid Color Test to Measure Personality, Visual Needs, and Preferences for Tailored Design Applications.