Design Semantics Database revealed at the AIC 14th Congress Milano 2021

We are proud to present the Design Semantics Database for the applied and liberal creative professions. The DSD definitively paves the way for the creation of psychologically appealing, meaningful design and for analysing whether the envisaged values, identity or emotions of a design are effectively communicated. The DSD is a scientifically based design tool that offers information on the meaning and the emotional effect of keywords, colours, colour combinations, forms and compositions, textures, tastes, and postures. A logical data structure, wherein colour functions as a classification system, forms the framework in which the keywords and design elements are classified and connected. As such the DSD offers a unique source of design information bringing intuition to the surface and enhancing it.

Attend the presentation during the online AIC 14th Congress Milano 2021 on Tuesday August 31. SESSION 7 – COLOR AND DESIGN from 18:05 till 19:20 UTC+2.

the Online AIC2021 Congress Registration ends August 20, 2021.