Industrial Design Semantics

Semantics play a crucial role in industrial design because it helps communicate the intended function and meaning of a product to users. Good applied design semantics can make a product easier to use and understand, which can increase its usability and appeal to consumers. In addition, design semantics can influence the emotional response that a product evokes in users and can contribute to the overall value of the product.

We offer advice on the meaningful application of colour, shape, texture, and material in industrial design.
Analysis of the shape of a drinking glass

By considering the meaning of a product’s colours, forms, materials, and other design elements, industrial designers can create products that are more intuitive, user-friendly, emotionally satisfying to interact with, and that have a lasting impact on users.

We perform analyses by researching the underlying meaning of the present visual elements in an industrial design. We indicate the emotional message which is aroused at the recipient and analyse the universality of the message. We examine to what extent the existing communication contains the necessary semantic elements to send the aimed message successfully.

Additionally, understanding design semantics can help designers anticipate and avoid potential misunderstandings or negative associations that users might have with a product, which can ultimately lead to better user experiences and more successful products.

We assist your design choices and share our expertise by participating in brainstorm sessions.


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