Interior Design semantics

Create cohesive, meaningful, and emotionally resonant spaces that reflect the values and personality of the occupants.

We offer advice on the meaningful application of colour, shape, and material in interior design.

For example, the message itself, and the specific target group will differ between a general hospital and a paediatric clinic. Both have the important task to reassure and to comfort the patients and to surround them with loving care. But adults put more faith in a scientific approach and will be suspicious when the design of the offered services is too informal, whereas children are just deterred by the sterility of a hospital and benefit more likely from a stay-at-home playground feeling.

We perform analyses by researching the underlying meaning of the present visual elements in an interior design. We indicate the emotional message which is aroused at the recipient and analyse the universality of the message. We examine to what extent the existing communication contains the necessary semantic elements to send the aimed message successfully.

By considering the meanings and associations of design elements and how they work together, a designer can create a space that is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also meaningful and functional with well-being as a result.

We assist your design choices and share our expertise by participating in brainstorm sessions.


Semantic Colour Space

A logic model to deal with the design of meaning

Design Semantics Database

Online and free application

ID color palette generator

ID Colour Test

Decorate your online & offline world with a colour palette matching your individual needs.


Keyword analyser

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shapes modelled in clay

Shape analyser

From shape to meaning

Function analyser

From function to colour and shape


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