Determine values and objectives

Preliminary advice at the start of a design project.

We examine the aimed transfer of values, emotions and functions and reach elements (f.i. certain form characteristics, materials, textures, colour tints, colour combinations, etc.) to arouse those desired attitudes at the recipient. The semantically valuable elements which come by means of keywords are presented as a palette.

The advice is never a uni-vocal proposal, but leaves space for own input in style and development of the creative team.

Optimization advice
Improving and defending design proposals

We make an analysis of the existing visual communication of a design and find out the underlying meaning of the present image elements. We denote the emotional message that is elicited at the receiver’s end and analyse its universality. We give thereby proposals with sketches and examples which promote the transfer of the aimed emotional message.

Cross-cultural advice
We help you crossing cultural borders

You feel uncertain concerning a design intended for an international or diversified public? You wish in advance some directives to design? We advise you in the field of universal communication, interaction preferences and we can also test your design intended for a specific cultural/social target group.

Personality preference advice
Get a grip on personalisation

Customisation is mainstream and has become the norm. To measure and meet the specific needs of your client, we deliver product and service style portraits that reflect the personality and likes of individuals or groups, taking into account cultural identity.