Optimization of communication between departments in the company

Language is an imperfect communication tool. Even if we speak the same language, there are misunderstandings. This is especially true among those who communicate from different areas of expertise. Each department has its own view on the same product, which seems logical for one is incomprehensible to the other.


Emotional terms are provided within a semantic framework, with measurable scales, allowing communication between eg. the designer, the engineer and the account, with fewer misunderstandings as a result. Misunderstandings by transferring a customer conversation with an account to the design department can be prevented by this approach.


In order to improve communication between the various departments within a company, an analysis of the workplace pain points must first be done.

Next we develop a structure and vocabulary that can be used by people from different departments. It is about systematizing and measuring a general vocabulary.

Finally, a period of practical guidance is necessary.