Semantic Colour Space

A logical and intuitive design method

The CITY of 8 design semantics training and services are underpinned by comparative and statistical research in the domain of design semantics. Ferre Alpaerts and Inez Michiels developed a design method they synthesized in the Semantic Colour Space. This 3-dimensional model facilitates the logical determination of/and mutual connection between meaning, emotional and psychological effect of colours, colour combinations, colour palettes, shapes, compositions, textures, and symbols via their distinctive parameters.

The Semantic Colour Space is a scientifically based method for analysing as well as for creating design. Based on a logic mathematical 3D structure, the model offers a unique source of design information, bringing intuition to the surface and enhancing it.

  • Connecting meaning, emotion, and design elements
  • Logical framework and classification system
  • 3D structure forms the basis of meaning
  • For analysing as well as for creating design
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