Design Semantics Database

Whether you are an architect, industrial, interior, graphic or brand designer, the DSD is your preferred design assistant when it comes to semantics. A huge time-saver as it serves instant information on the meaning and the emotional effect of design choices, based on more than 20 years of research.

  • Keywords, primary colours, colour palettes, shapes, compositions, body language, sounds, symbols, tastes and their interrelations, can be searched according to emotional and psychological effect.
  • Colour & culture information.
  • For analysing as well as for creation of design and art.
  • To pin down meaning of keywords and their hierarchical level, so that misunderstandings can be avoided in research and briefings, with fewer redos as a result.
  • By consciously making use of synaesthesia, designers get full control over the values, emotions and atmospheres they want to radiate and can strengthen or weaken them perfectly.
  • Completed with quotes from research papers and books from universities and institutions around the world, providing designers with valuable information that helps them substantiate their design choices.