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Colours, forms and symbols are the three most effective components of communication imaging. In publicity, advertising, corporate style or branding or in fine arts the choice of the correct colour, style and symbols is of large, sometimes even essential importance. Nevertheless most graphic designers cannot indicate exactly why they choose a certain style. Too often they rely on their instinct. To understand communication imaging and the effects it causes one must be aware of the existence of a universal imaging language.

Symbol Constructions makes meaningful connections between image and colour that have shown to be universal. The book contains a semantic classification of 596 international religious, mythological, sociological, political and other symbols selected from traditional and contemporary imaging, such as: publicity, packing, logo, illustrations, propaganda, art, … The method used to compile this book is a combination of broad based research and extensive correlation testing’s to check every application against the facts. As such this book is the result of more than 15 years of study and scientific research, based on the experience of experts from different fields of study in language and social science.

Symbol Constructions offers a scientific based collection of universal symbols in common colours and forms. It is an essential tool for anyone who needs to communicate with images such as and especially graphic designers, as well as language and social scientists.

An essential tool for anyone who needs to communicate with images.

Symbolen Constructies (Dutch)
Inez Michiels
ACCO Publisher 2006
ISBN 90 334 5919 1 NUR 656