Colour as a starting point for a design


When making a design, traditionally a designer starts with the drawing of the shape. The colour is usually added in a later phase. In this class this method is radically turned upside down. Recent findings show that colours are more abstract than shapes. This has consequences for the method we use to design. Because of their strong semantic reference, colours show far better suited as a start for a design than shapes do.

Instead of drawing lines first we explore in this class a more natural and intuitive method to come to a design. A colour combination is first assembled that expresses a wanted meaning or feeling. Once this rather abstract and pure notion is established, shape, texture etc. can follow.

It is necessary to follow the basic course COLOUR, PSYCHOLOGY, EMOTION in advance.

Questions answered

  • What does abstract object mean?
  • How to start a design from colour choices?
  • How to combine intuitive and conscience knowledge?
  • How to justify your intuitive choices scientifically?

Learning objectives

  • Make colour combinations out of your intuition.
  • Learn to trust your intuition.
  • Get started with a professional methodology.
  • Justify your intuitive choices scientifically.


One day.


In-company: 1600 € /day*

If you are a Belgian company, you can recover up to 40% of your education costs through the “KMO-portefeuille”.

*VAT not inclusive


  • English
  • Dutch