COLOUR FIRST! training overview


When designing a building, traditionally an architect begins with the drawing of the shape. Colours are usually added in a later phase. The same method is applied by most visual creatives such as industrial designers, artists, graphic designers, etc. This gives the idea that shape in the creative process is more important or more basic than colour. However, there are strong indications from analytical psychology, semantics and cognitive psychology, that this method is incomplete.

Colours show to be more abstract, more basic than shapes. This has consequences for the method we use to design. Because of their strong semantic reference, colours are far better suited as a start of a design than shapes do. Instead of drawing lines first it shows more natural and intuitive to assemble a colour combination that expresses a wanted meaning or feeling. Once this rather abstract and pure notion is established, shape, texture etc. can follow. In the offered COLOUR FIRST! courses, this innovative point of view is the starting point.

Now it’s time to go one step further and experience the full value and power of colour in the creative process.


In the basic courses COLOUR FIRST!, the theoretical foundation is laid for in-depth knowledge of colour and its relationship with shape, texture, meaning and personality, both in terms of psychology, emotion and meaning. The theoretical emphasis is a necessity for sound knowledge acquisition as a basis for successful practice.

Colour, Psychology, Emotion It is necessary to follow this basic course first, to understand the other courses below.

Colour & Shape

Colour & Texture

Colour & Meaning

Colour & Personality


We offer a series of follow-up courses that have practice as a means and a goal.

Colour as a starting point for a design

The semantic approach of a mood-board

Translate societal trends into colour and shape

Cultural differences and visual communication

Artistic Identity

The courses and in-company training are organized regularly with our partner ELSCOLAB.

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