The semantic approach of a mood-board


The usefulness of mood-boards, as a starting point of a design, has been shown for a long time. It is a design method to concretise colour, shape and texture out of intuitive feelings and knowledge. Because the method relies on associations, mood-boards are subject to personal opinions and individual interpretations. Which makes the further development of a design, based on such mood-boards, at risk not to associate with a target audience.

In this course, the mood-board is discussed semantically. You learn to see the difference between what a personal and what a general association is based on biological and psychological research. The mood-boards compiled in this way provide a solid basis for further design. The communicative connection with a target group will be more successful.

This class teaches how to create mood-boards in a professional and scientifically sound manner as a basis for visual design.

It is necessary to follow the basic course COLOUR, PSYCHOLOGY, EMOTION in advance.

Questions answered

  • What is intuition en how to use it?
  • What is the difference between a personal and a general association?
  • How to make a sound mood-board as a starting point for a design?
  • How to justify your intuitive choices scientifically?

Learning objectives

  • Make a sound mood-board as a starting point for a design.
  • Learn to see the difference between a personal and a general association.
  • Get started with a professional methodology.
  • Justify your intuitive choices scientifically.


One day.


In-company: 1600 € /day*

If you are a Belgian company, you can recover up to 40% of your education costs through the “KMO-portefeuille”.

*VAT not inclusive


  • English
  • Dutch