Translate societal trends into colour and shape


Society is in constant change. This has an impact on everyone who makes part of it. An impact that shows its influence on our collective design needs and desires. The program gives an overview of important social and technological movements that bridge decades. For example, trends can be predicted for the coming years. Using the design semantic method, trend evolutions can be translated into visual language.

This class provides techniques for predicting social trends and converting them to design sets.

It is necessary to follow the basic course COLOUR, PSYCHOLOGY, EMOTION in advance.

Questions answered

  • How to understand societal trend evolutions?
  • What are the main societal evolutions since 1960?
  • How to translate trend evolutions into visual language?
  • How to justify your intuitive choices scientifically?

Learning objectives

  • Make a trend prognosis for the coming decade.
  • Learn to translate trend evolutions into visual language.
  • Get started with a professional methodology.
  • Justify your intuitive choices scientifically.


One day.


In-company: 1600 € /day*

If you are a Belgian company, you can recover up to 40% of your education costs through the “KMO-portefeuille”.

*VAT not inclusive


  • English
  • Dutch