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To communicate effectively with colour is essential in the colour profession. For example, the colour style of a company, product or service should be consistent with its value system and with the stories and dreams advertised. If this is not so, the visual communication conveys distrust and confusion among consumers. On the other hand, one can influence people with colour in order to let them perform certain operations or actions. Thus function indication through colour promotes security and usability.

Meaning of colours, however, does not proceed simply point-to-point. There is the context in which the colour is placed, there is the influence of its place, of its surrounding colours, and of the present symbols. In short, different variables play a role in the communication. As a designer and colour consultant, it is necessary to understand these operations. The workshop Colour & Meaning provides a professional method, based on scientific research, that allows the participant to get a grip on this complex matter.

COLOUR & MEANING is the follow-up to COLOUR, PSYCHOLOGY, EMOTION. It is necessary to follow this basic course in advance.

Questions answered

  • What is the cross-cultural meaning of colours and colour combinations?
  • How does context influence meaning?
  • How to compose colour palettes with a value system as a starting point?
  • How to tell stories with colour
  • How to communicate functionality with colour?
  • How to justify your intuitive choices scientifically?

Learning objectives

  • Translate keywords into colours and colour combinations effectively.
  • Respond to the expectations of the customer precisely.
  • Get insight into the cross-cultural meaning of colours.
  • Get started with a professional methodology.
  • Justify your intuitive choices scientifically.


One day.


In-company: 1600 € /day*

If you are a Belgian company, you can recover up to 40% of your education costs through the “KMO-portefeuille”.

*VAT not inclusive


  • English
  • Dutch