In all creative design fields there is an ever-increasing market demand for personalization of products and services. An approach from the consumer personality promotes emotional well-being and satisfaction. As a designer, insights into people’s colour preferences and personality profiles become more important than ever. Addressing these new challenges in design is to learn how to create personalised design.

This fundamental class is based on scientific research into human psychology and its relation to colour. A professional methodology ensures that participants get a grip on this fascinating subject.

COLOUR & MEANING is the follow-up to COLOUR, PSYCHOLOGY, EMOTION. It is necessary to follow this basic course in advance.

Questions answered

  • What are basic personality treats?
  • How to measure personality?
  • personality profiles prefer which colours?
  • How to make a personalised colour design?
  • How to justify your intuitive choices scientifically?

Learning objectives

  • Translate colour preferences into personality.
  • Respond to the needs of the customer precisely.
  • Get insight into colour preferences.
  • Get started with a professional methodology.
  • Justify your intuitive choices scientifically.


One day.


In-company: 1600 € /day*

If you are a Belgian company, you can recover up to 40% of your education costs through the “KMO-portefeuille”.

*VAT not inclusive


  • English
  • Dutch