SPRING 2018 – training program



7-day training series for professionals in architecture and industrial design


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Today products and environments increasingly must appeal emotionally to win the hearts of users, or to bring them into a particular state of mind. For the designer in-depth knowledge about the psychological and emotional impact of the visual language is more important than ever. A design method that starts from the emotional experience is key.

Today consumers expect from their daily environment more than usability, aesthetics and durability alone. These features are considered for granted. In addition, products and environments must be able to inspire, promote well-being, create emotions and dreams. In short, there has to be some action for a design to be successful.

But how do you design objects and spaces that generate or avoid emotions such as e.g. happiness, compassion or satisfaction? Which parameters of the visual arsenal help in the communication of emotions? These and other questions are answered in depth in the 7-day training series EMOTION & DESIGN. A groundbreaking design method is provided with emotion as starting point and goal.


These fundamental training days on the relationship between meaning, psychology and emotion on the one hand, and colour, colour combination, shape, composition and texture on the other hand, start from the dimensional approach of meaning and emotional experience as suggested by the genetic design semantics theory (Alpaerts & Michiels) and the PAD emotional state model (Mehrabian & Russell).

On the basis is empirical research into the effects of the specific parameters of colour, shape and texture that convey meaning, with the purpose of communicating with the user on an emotional level.


  • Understand the emotional and psychological functioning of visual language and be able to apply it successfully into practice.
  • Use clear terminology during the briefing with the customer with less misunderstandings and redo’s as a result.
  • Substantiate the creative choices scientifically so that personal preferences make way for a professional approach.


1 EMOTION & COLOUR Theoretical and methodological basis.
Relationship between meaning, psychology, emotion and colour.
2 EMOTION & COLOUR COMBINATIONS Emotional effect of colour combinations and palettes and the relationship with colour. 15/03
3 EMOTION & PRIMARY SHAPE Emotional effect of primary parameters of shape and the relationship with colour. 29/03
4 EMOTION & SECONDARY SHAPE Emotional effect of secondary parameters of shape, the relationship with primary shape parameters and colour. 19/04
5 EMOTION & COMPOSITION Emotional effect of composition and the relationship with colour. 26/04
6 EMOTION & TEXTURE Emotional effect of texture and the relationship with colour. 03/05
7 COLOUR FIRST The practice of a design driven by emotional content. 17/05



HOWEST Industrial Design Center
marksesteenweg 58, 8500 Kortrijk
Lokaal D.0.22


> http://www.elscolab.com/agenda



Inez is co-founder of the research association CITY OF 8, where she conducts research. She is a consultant, author and international design semantics trainer. She has a Master of Arts and was a member of the research group at the Artesis-Plantijn University in Antwerp. She is co-founder of the Belgian Interdisciplinary Colour Association.