EMOTION & DESIGN Day 7 | The practice of an emotional design.

It is recommended to follow the basic course EMOTION & COLOUR first.


Most designers start their design process with the search for a suitable shape. Colour is usually added in a later stage. As a result, the belief has grown that in the creative process, shape would be more fundamental than colour. However, there are strong indications that colour appeals to a subconscious, more abstract level of comprehension than shape.

Colour has, through its ability of abstraction and its strong emotional content, a direct link with meaning and fits closer to intuitive thinking. Colour is therefore better suited than shape as the start of a contemporary design assignment. In COLOUR FIRST, this principle is followed in a design method that has emotion in design as a starting point and goal.


The knowledge and techniques gained in the previous days are practised in COLOUR FIRST on the basis of a variety of practical assignments that may be provided by the participants.

Attention is given to the communication during a briefing with the customer. Semantics offers a clear terminology that can be established for each design assignment, so misunderstandings with clients can be avoided about the desired effects and emotions.

A method for the scientific substantiation of creative choices is provided with the purpose of to parry the personal preferences of the client with a professional approach.

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