EMOTION & DESIGN DAY 6 | Emotional effect of texture and the relationship with colour.    

It is recommended to follow the basic course EMOTION & COLOUR first.


Sensory perception is increasingly important in contemporary design. Texture adds an additional emotional trigger in addition to shape and colour through touch and feel. Textures allow you to arouse feelings of attraction or rejection, and you can create a strong emotional effect.

Colour and texture are closely linked by their distinctive parameters, the interaction between the two can enhance or weaken an intended emotion. The relationship between meaning, emotion, colour and the parameters of texture is studied. The effect on emotion and psychology is observed in parameter shifts.


matte – gloss
thin – fat
rough – smooth
one – many directions
big – small particles
firm – loose
hard – soft
cold – warm
bump – hole
dry – wet
repellent- sticky
solid – week

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