Design from keyword to color combination, shape, and texture




A design usually starts from keywords referring either to emotions, ambiences, brand values or functionalities. The meaning and connotations of a word, however, differ among people. A case in point is the notion ‘pure’, which might either convey ‘cleanliness’, ‘undiluted’, or ‘natural’. As a result the team of designers and client often come to find out they are not on the same page, with time-wasting as a consequence.

The goal of the workshop series is to learn how to probe the meaning of a keyword and compose corresponding color combinations, shapes, and textures. The workshops will provide a much improved communication between the participating actors. By means of keywords the groundbreaking SigniFix design and communication method will run the design process precisely and efficiently without bypassing intuition. The SigniFix design method comprises twenty years plus of scientific research coming to fruition.

What participants will learn

A growing awareness of the importance for the design team to be in unison about the meaning of a keyword prior to the start of the actual design process.

Gain insight into the underlying meaning and emotional charge of keywords by posing six strategic questions based on the theory of the Semantic Color Space.

Compose the appropriate color combinations, shapes and textures representing the conceived meaning, emotion, brand value, functionality, or ambience.

Time-saving improved communication between the participating actors.



Inez Michiels


Dutch / English

Target group

Professional designers in the fields of architecture, interior design, graphic design, advertising, branding, industrial design, illustration, gaming, and fashion


3 hours

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