“Also, City of 8 (a genetic coding research firm) has a great article on the Emotional Effect of Texture and Color .” (reaction to the courses series of 2019, Color & Texture) – Linda AllenLinda Allen Designs, Los Angeles USA.

“I never saw such a cool workshop in my life!” (after the SigniFix workshop November 2019) – Ellen Lupton & teamMICA, Baltimore USA

”Our senses are stimulated by colours, textures, materials and shapes. When making choices, consciously or unconsciously, we usually work from a gut feeling. Thanks to the course Design semantics you get a scientific background/support and in case of doubt you can start looking for the right solution, or combinations of colours, shapes and textures. It is important to note that both (gut feeling and design semantics) are needed, complement each other perfectly and thereby are inextricably linked. A very informative experience that with pleasure will be applied in the future.” – Annelies ReynaertsaHa-architecten gcv, Belgium.

”The workshops were very interesting to the extent that we have discussed architecture in a totally new way. The most interesting part of the workshop was the code of colours, shapes and textures that we have studied and that allows us to precisely respond to the expectations of a customer.” – Master student in interior architecture at Art’COM – Morocco.

”For me it was very interesting that the things I do intuitively, are now scientifically substantiated. If my feeling is wrong with a design, I can use design semantics to test what I can do differently. Or vice versa from the semantics determine a feel, this is a reciprocity.” Aniela Hoitink, designer with Neffa – The Netherlands

”Nowhere I have received a so profound and yet very practical training on the meaning of shapes, colours and textures, even in my training PO. This I have been able to apply in our company immediately.” – Stijn Geeraets, industrial designer with Niko – Belgium.

”Inez has developed her own model and vision for colour advice after scientific research. Her look on the manner of advise is unrivalled and gives a new dimension to the way how colour and shape are connected to each other. Design semantics gave me a valuable deepening to my colour advice practice.” – Jeannette HanenburgColour Professionals, Belgium.